Cleaning Up With Feng Shui?

Inventor, designer and philanthropist Sir James Dyson ought to be congratulated for his new campaign to clean up hospitals following a £4 million donation to a West Country neonatal ward.

Staff, patients and most importantly premature babies are now thriving after a £6.1m revamp at the Royal United Hospital. In the words of one concerned parent of a child born 12 weeks prematurely and contracted a potentially life-threatening infection. * “It was touch and go for a couple of days, but I remember it was the way the nurse’s hands were folded and something about the lights, the mood, the space, it all helped us to cope.”

That “something” is undoubtedly feng shui now defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as “a system of laws considered to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy (chi), and whose favourable or unfavourable effects are taken into account when siting and designing buildings.”

In basic terms it deals with the flow and storage of energy throughout a building or space and how different materials support or interrupt this distribution. All materials, shapes, positions and even colours within the area are analysed and the path is determined by air flow. It may help to think of this in terms of heat and light, where ideally warmth should be preserved and natural light needs to flow for maximum comfort and efficiency. When applied to those who are vulnerable this aids wellbeing and speeds recovery.

The good news is that feng shui principles can improve any existing space even without the need of costly refurbishments. However, the finer the ingredients the better the result, and when feng shui is applied to new builds or major refurbishments the results can be outstanding.

As well as working with design and project teams we have also trained many Architects to use feng shui and collectively we are all working to provide nurturing environments for those in need. Sir James Dyson is now a making a £4 million donation to a cancer ward in the same hospital.

We are keen to lend a hand and feng shui advice to help other hospitals improve their environments and subsequent service whilst reducing stress.

As our future depends on the lives of our children we would also like to work with schools to provide a nurturing and less intensive place for their pupils. If you are involved in these sectors and would like some feng shui advice please send us your enquiries.

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Treating Severe Wounds – The Latest In Wound Care

Chronic wounds are a part of almost everyone’s life from time to time. The idea is to have the technology and information at hand to get to the best professional within time to help you salvage your condition. Pressure sores, wounds due to accidents, extensive surgery, or diabetic ulcers are not like normal wounds that you might be used to. These kinds of wounds are categorized as chronic and they need special attention or they will not heal the way that they should.

The various therapies for wound care have diversified and evolved over the years. Researches and trained medical professionals constantly change the protocols based on their experiences over live patients.

Various Types of wound therapy

Here is a list of the various types of therapies that are considered the cutting edge of wound maintenance in the field now. Many of these therapies require modified equipment and even the proper care unit facilities to manage the care for the patients for a proper amount of time.

Antibiotic therapy for wounds

On field, wounds often do not get the proper first aid required during the first few minutes of sustaining the wound. Many of these accidents happen in places where the infection rates are not regulated or even known. In such a scenario, healing a wound does not just adhere to packing and assessing. The specialists have to be aggressive with their antibiotic protocol to help remove all traces of infection from the wound site. These are most commonly used for open wounds and/or wounds that have been showing signs of healing difficulties on the part of the patient. This is usually the first sign of infection in most patients.

Progressive dressing therapy

Progressive dressing is specifically important when the skin has been harmed beyond repair. Burn victims usually need this type of dressing protocol. People who underwent extensive surgeries to remove puss and infected pulp from deep wounds, might also need this therapy.

MIST added with Ultrasound

MIST is a relatively new technique in the field of wound care. Doctors use special ultrasound machines to induce stimulating waves within the cells of the area surrounding the wound. The principle on which the therapy works is to keep the wound moist and thus help in its fast healing. The repair is much faster under this particular treatment because of ideal conditions induced under proper care.

Bio-engineered Skin grafts for wounds

Skin grafting is required when the skin does not show any signs of regenerating on its own. In many cases of deep lacerated wounds and deep burn victims, the skin might not be in a state of usual repair. In such a case, leaving an open wound might also do more harm than help. This is why surgeons and wound care practitioners used bio-engineered skin grafts to resurface the wound area. This gives the wound the proper situation to repair and heal itself. After sometime, with proper medical care, the natural skin will help seamlessly adapt to the grafted skin.

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Tips on How to Choose Your Medical Linen Service

Medical linen services have become increasingly popular, largely due to an increasing number of medical facilities and clinics. The truth is that linens used in hospitals and clinics come in contact with a wide variety of hazardous fluids and bacteria, therefore they need to be meticulously cleaned on a regular basis. Most hospitals lack adequate staff and equipment to launder their own linens, so they typically outsource their medical linen services to reputable companies that can accommodate their needs. By doing so, hospitals can be assured that their patients have enough towels, gowns and bedding, while the medical staff has surgical gowns, lab coats and scrubs – all expertly cleaned and sanitized.

What Does a Medical Linen Service Offer?
A reputable linen service will offer a variety of services, but the most commonly used services are washing, drying and folding the linens. Working with a reliable healthcare linen company can greatly improve your patients’ experience, while making the staff feel secure by knowing that their scrubs and gowns have been hygienically laundered. In order to make an informed decision when it comes to selecting your medical linen service, consider the following points:

Inventory Management
First and foremost, you need to make sure that a linen service has proper inventory management. Even if a particular laundry service is cheaper than other similar companies in the industry, all those savings can quickly vanish if the inventory isn’t managed properly. Before choosing a medical linen service, ask the company if they can help you track textile inventory, thereby preventing textile abuse or loss. Moreover, inquire if they offer dedicated customer service representatives who are available 24/7 and can easily track where the linens are in the laundry process.

Use references and reviews to gauge whether or not the company is trustworthy, professional, and a leader in the industry. Look on the Internet and study the local health magazines to discover which company has the best reputation for quality laundering and professional customer service. When getting a referral, remember to ask if the company met the delivery and pickup times and whether each item was cleaned adequately.

Lastly, in order to choose the best hospital linen cleaning service out there, you need to ensure that the business is accredited. The Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council (HLAC) is a non-profit, independent organization that accredits all linen services which process textiles. A company that was inspected and accredited by HLAC meets the highest standards in the industry.

Before choosing your medical linen service, you need to study the references, check for accreditation and inquire about the inventory management system of a company. Thoroughly researching your potential laundering company will ensure that you are getting the best, safest and most reliable medical laundering service possible for your money.

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Equipment Used By Medical Laundry Service Companies in Hospitals

Infection control is a major issue for healthcare facilities throughout the U.S. Clinics and hospitals require high standards of sanitation in order to reduce the risk of cross-infection from contaminated linens. Due to the stringent sanitation guidelines that must be met, many healthcare facilities choose to hire a medical laundry service. Here is some information about the specialized laundry equipment used by medical laundry service companies.

Washing Machines

These range from small 6 kg machines to large machines weighing 120 kgs. They can be programmed to perform both thermal disinfection and sluice washes. There are also multi-programmable washing machines with a range of features, which are ideal for cleaning different types of medical linens. Many have special features like automatic timing, automatic reverse, and automatic temperature control. The washing machines used to launder medical linens must produce wash results that meet specific health requirements. Medical laundry service companies use laundry equipment which offer quality, durability, and reliability for clinics and hospitals.


These can be LPG, gas, or electric tumble dryers or, hydro extractors, which decrease the drying time of medical linen by removing high amounts of water from fabrics. Newer models of tumble dryers have heat pump technology which makes them capable of handling all types of healthcare linen. Tumble dryers used to clean medical linens are designed for maximum efficiency. They dry hospital linen faster and are economical as well.

Ironing Equipment

When healthcare linens have been laundered, they require a professional finish. Skilled medical laundry service companies provide ironing equipment which offers the best solution to the ironing requirements of hospitals and clinics. These range from drying ironers, to table and bed ironers. These companies use ironers that are capable of ironing all types of fabrics to produce excellent results each time. Different ironers are used for different types of linens, such as clothes, bed linens, and table linens. The laundry companies use ironers that are easy to operate and have different features like automatic temperature controls and touchless temperature systems.

Most hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes aim to improve their laundry production through efficient laundry services. Skilled medical laundry service companies offer the best solution as they get high volumes of laundry done faster while giving the utmost attention to quality. These companies properly wash different items thoroughly and consistently, which help to improve linen inventory maintenance significantly. Towels, sheets, blankets, bed pads, rugs, mop heads, and personal items are all cleaned differently according to their unique specifications. Excellent linen solutions that fit a hospital’s requirements help secure patient satisfaction and health. By allowing skilled professionals to do the work, hospitals and clinics enjoy specialized and cost-effective linen management.

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The Future of Healthcare Laundry

According to American Laundry News, in the field of healthcare textiles, there are a few primary factors that will affect how the industry changes in upcoming years. Some of these factors include: rising environmental concerns, changes to national healthcare, and energy. Here is a brief analysis of how these factors could affect the healthcare laundry industry in the future.

Rising Environmental Concerns

With increased concern about the effects of pollution, global warming, and climate change, the “green” trend continues to gain momentum. More and more companies across all major industries are now striving to reduce their carbon footprint. It is projected that awareness of how business practices affect our environment will continue to grow in the next 20 years. Environmental concerns will likely reach the point that all professional laundry companies will need to treat their wastewater and reuse it.

Changes to National Healthcare

By the year 2033, it is very possible that the U.S. healthcare laundry market will resemble the current Canadian laundry market. The majority of U.S. healthcare could be government subsidized through a single provider network. If the government is the primary source of all revenue, it will be actively involved in seeking to control healthcare and related costs at all levels.

Healthcare administrators tend to view medical linen service as an unavoidable expense and continually search for ways to reduce those costs. This typically involves outsourcing, relying on contract management businesses, and limiting the number of items in the linen inventory. In the future, the government will likely look at establishing a network of healthcare laundries to provide standard service to all medical facilities.


The rise in environmental concerns will drive new energy legislation. To effectively reduce pollution caused by transportation vehicles, the government will continue to allow oil prices to rise. The increases in gasoline and diesel prices will cause consumers and companies alike to reduce their usage. Limiting fuel costs will mean that laundry locations must be carefully planned in relation to the geographic area that they are serving. Healthcare facilities will likely be assigned to the nearest medical laundry service in their area, eliminating competition.

Stay Ahead of the Curve with a Professional Linen Service

A professional healthcare laundry service can help your hospital, clinic, or other medical facility meet economic, disinfection, and patient satisfaction needs. As the medical linen industry continues to adapt to changes in both our economic and world climate, professional linen services must stay on the cutting edge of industry standards. While the future is uncertain in most industries, professional laundry services can help your medical facility continue to provide the best possible care and sanitation.

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